D&D — Finally A Movie That Captures the Game’s Spirit

The lone sound of a blacksmith's hammer rings out at dusk as it settles on the hamlet you've entered. You walk the main street, people hurriedly slam doors even though it's a sweltering summer. You notice children peeking at you through their windows before being snatched away and upbraided by adults. In the air, hangs... Continue Reading →

Happy St. Patrick’s Day!

I'm going to keep this short as I have a lot of writing, parenting and running to do today and you got better things to do as well. I'd toast with a beer or whiskey, but I've left those days behind. But here's to good friends and good conversation over good coffee. I hope you... Continue Reading →

Five for Friday Feb. 26 Edition

The Last Disruptor -- Got another 5-star rating from a reader with a very nice review. Two signed copies are also available exclusively at Comic Kingdom in Reno, NV. Potential: A Novel --Seems more relevant these days than when it came out as it's the story of a guy trying to get back on his... Continue Reading →

eMail Call for The Last Disruptor

It's quite useful to get feedback and really uplifting when that feedback is particularly kind. I've got some recently for The Last Disruptor, a science fiction novel about a boy whose stories might destroy or save two Earths connected between dimensions. It's available on Amazon in paperback and digital formats. "I really liked it... I... Continue Reading →

A Christmas Story for 2020

This could be a terrifically depressing or over hopeful story, but sometimes you gotta listen to the kids and that's what I did and I found a really great story that really tells the story of 2020. My son had a music assignment for his online class and the teacher asked them to listen to... Continue Reading →

RobertVarnon.com new look

After a long absence due to a variety of reasons, including the creation of my newest manuscript, The Last Disruptor, I have gotten around to revamping the website. It's simpler, cleaner and easier to navigate and I hope it will be more useful to readers and me. Thanks for hanging in there with me.

Half as good as Water for Elephants

March 23, 2019-- So the other day I was perusing Good Reads and noticed a reader had rated Potential just two stars. Of course my ego got a little burnt, but then I noticed this same reader had ranked some well established writers with just two stars and then, I saw she had given Water... Continue Reading →

Moving Forward in the Night

Feb. 11, 2019 -- This Monday finds me tired from working a night job while I continue to make edits on my latest manuscript. For those of you just joining me here, or taking a first read of this site, I've had a bit of a journey getting to this point in my life as... Continue Reading →

Welcome to 2019

Well, no look forward to the new year would be possible without a quick recap of the previous year. In 2018 I published Potential, my first novel. It was originally entered into a contest for Kindle, but while it got some traction, it didn't win. I, however, published it anyway and I hope people get... Continue Reading →

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