Jimmy Raynot is the kind of man who grew up in his own shadow always hearing about how much, “potential” he had.  To say he’s failed to live up to it, is an understatement. Well into his 30s he’s only partially employed and on the verge of failing as a father and husband. When Jimmy accidentally stops a daytime mugging, he will get one more chance to prove he’s as good a man as people thought he could be. The two other men involved in the mugging, the victim and the mugger will also face the challenges of living up to expectations or beyond them.

It’s a quick-paced novel with heart and humor.

Available on Amazon in paperback and electronic formats.


Branden “Crate” Barnes is a 10-year-old kid with only one real friend and a big imagination that keeps landing him in trouble at school for telling stories. You see, in Crate’s time, you’re not allowed to tell fictional stories because, as the stern head of his new school informs him, those stories can come true on an Earth in another dimension.

Crate, joined by his best friend Brooke Miller, a dog named Alfie and one-time nemesis Ryan Addy, will go on an adventure spanning worlds finding out along the way that the survival or destruction of both his home world and the other Earth depend upon his stories.

TLD is a suitable read for advanced middle-grade readers and their adults. You’ll find not only an imaginative story but also some solid science built in to this story about friendship.

Also available in paperback and digital formats on Amazon.

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