Welcome and thanks for dropping into my website. My goal is simple to write entertaining and meaningful stories about people. Those stories can take place on other planets, in other realms or in our world. I hope as readers you’ll find something worthwhile in my writing that you will remember and take with you.

I want you to know I’m writing to try to tell some truths and also give some comfort and laughs where I can. This world is hard enough without us making it harder on each other and I try to remember that in my daily life and my writing. As for experience, I was a journalist for a good stretch of time but I have worked a lot of other jobs in my life and that experience has brought me face to face with so many people coming from so many different places and backgrounds. I’ve worked with or interviewed rich, poor, criminals, junkies, saints, artists, bankers, tradesmen, engineers, athletes, pastors, educators, kids, seniors, homeless and politicians and I’m always trying to listen and learn from everyone around me. I hope this experience and my imagination provide you with some entertainment.

You can check out my books by following the links, but please feel free to prowl around the website and read some of my blogs and updates on my work.

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