Signed Books Available at Sundance

Just to let you know, the local bookstore on California Ave still has a couple of signed books available for sale. I'm not sure how much longer they'll be available there, but if you need some new Fall reading material check them out. My modern lit novel, Potential is available as is my science fiction... Continue Reading →

New Book and Web Changes

If you're a regular reader of this site, you'll know I've been working on a fantasy novel for the last year or so. I've posted the prelude of the work and will be adding the first few chapters in the coming days and weeks. This has also prompted a change to the website as I've... Continue Reading →

Been on break for a bit

I've been quiet on here for a while. I would have let you know I was taking a break, but I didn't actually know I was until now, when I'm ready to come back and start writing here again. So here's what happened. School ended for my son. He was doing distance learning so I... Continue Reading →

New Readings Coming Up This Month!

I'll be doing three readings this month including a preview of my latest effort, a fantasy story. I'll have more on that later. For the time being, just wanted to let you know it's in the works. The plan is to do about a two minute reading of The Last Disruptor this week, followed by... Continue Reading →

More Video Readings to Come

I want to say thank you to everyone who watched the video of my reading from The Last Disruptor last week. I got some good feedback, so I'll do some more in the coming weeks. Probably no more than two a month, because, well, it took a lot of takes to get that one reading.... Continue Reading →

Writing Round Up for April 10

I didn't get to a Five for Friday this week on my writing so I'm doing this instead. Chalk Creek Writing Outfit &RC-- Started a Run to Patriot's Day in homage to the Boston Marathon that includes a giveaway of a signed copy of one of my books. I'm only 15.3 miles from the goal.... Continue Reading →

Five for Friday 3.26

A Long Run Has to End -- I took a little break on posting this week for personal reasons. But a good friend noted that we should be thankful we have work to do and can do it. Thanks Demo. Digital Deal Days -- The reduced price for digital copies of The Last Disruptor and... Continue Reading →

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