Been on break for a bit

I’ve been quiet on here for a while. I would have let you know I was taking a break, but I didn’t actually know I was until now, when I’m ready to come back and start writing here again.

So here’s what happened. School ended for my son. He was doing distance learning so I was home with him and it was really nice getting to spend that much time with him. But that came to an end and so I added another day of work to my schedule, which had been reduced to just weekends.

Still, doesn’t explain why I haven’t been writing. After all I finished a manuscript a couple of weeks ago now and haven’t posted anything to the websites in a while. I think I just needed to take a break for a bit. Try and get a grip on some things, like summer with my family and getting some things done around the house and not worrying about too much else.

I can say it helped, but there are stresses there, too. I will try and leave a note about taking a break next time.

As it is, I’ll have some thoughts in Dear Diary this weekend and over on Chalk Creek, there will be some updates.

I do feel better in general when I’m writing than when I’m not. So I’m glad to be back and glad that you are reading this.

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