Some Kind Words For The Last Disruptor

One of the best feelings I’ve ever gotten professionally is hearing that someone enjoyed what I wrote. That happened today after a colleague at my night job, was curious about The Last Disruptor and read it.

She said it was sad at the end but she enjoyed it and we got to talk a bit about some of the concepts and characters in this sci fi novel about a boy named Crate who tells stories that come to life on another Earth in another dimension. Crate and his friends Brooke and Ryan must travel to this other Earth and try to figure out how to stop it from colliding with their own world.

I do like discussing what happened in the story and how people like different elements of it.

I can’t tell you how happy I was she enjoyed it and that she was willing to take the time to read it. Anyway, it was a big lift for me and to anyone else who has read anything I’ve written and liked it, thank you. Heck if you’ve given it a try but it wasn’t for you, I thank you for that, too.

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  1. Rob, we really like the painting at the bottom of your post! Also, we’re pleased to hear that a colleague enjoyed The Last Disruptor. 😊

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