Dragons of Orion: Prelude

I will be posting the first few chapters of my latest manuscript. Dragons of Orion, a fantasy, is the story of Tom Brace and the strangest dragon ever born on Dragon Island, the dragon Four. Tom is the youngest son in a family of famous dragon riders who have competed and won the Great Guardian... Continue Reading →

Just One More Thing

For the first time in my life I felt truly free and, I realized, for the first time ever there was no pain. And in that second of realization came another discovery, I had no body. It was scary, but I guess with no chemical feedback from a brain that was no longer there, my... Continue Reading →

TLD Virtual Reading Coming This Week

Get your questions in! Wonder how I got the idea for this book? Wonder about the writing, or publishing process? Want to know about my typing speed, background, or anything in particular about me? I'll be answering any questions you send or post to me as part of a virtual reading. I've debated doing this... Continue Reading →

Official History of The Absurd

Some history for those interested in the worlds of The Last Disruptor. Chapter 1 EARTH A We will start at the beginning with the accident in the Lab in New Haven, Earth A, which generated the positive pole for the connections between worlds. It should be noted, even today, so many decades later, there is... Continue Reading →

Egg Drop

This is the first of a new feature on the website. It's an original short story for your enjoyment and it's free. Iris Dusk, that’s my name and I’m a “plist” and have been for nearly five years. For you country folk and the wealthy set, a plist is what we city folk call people... Continue Reading →

eMail Call for The Last Disruptor

It's quite useful to get feedback and really uplifting when that feedback is particularly kind. I've got some recently for The Last Disruptor, a science fiction novel about a boy whose stories might destroy or save two Earths connected between dimensions. It's available on Amazon in paperback and digital formats. "I really liked it... I... Continue Reading →

Last Disruptor Update

RD Varnon's imaginitive new novel, The Last Disruptor, is being prepped for launch later this month. Varnon captivates with a rich story of a boy whose imagination and love of story telling could determine the fate of two Earth's connected by a quantum tunnel. Later this month, Varnon will sit down to discuss some of... Continue Reading →

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