Dragons of Orion Progress

For those interested, progress is ongoing on Dragons of Orion, a fantasy series set on the planet of Orion where riders of dragons, griffins, unicorns and the dolphins of the land, thorpins, compete to give their islands sovereignty over the archipelago.

We start with the dragons picking their new crop of riders and learn, all is not well on Dragon Island, which is down to their last few dragons. Tom Brace, a descendent of some of the island’s greatest riders and champions, is an awkward boy who might not live up to his family’s expectations, especially when he is paired with a freak of a dragon with four heads.

But what will he do when all his island’s hopes are put on his and his dragon’s shoulders to compete against the unicorns?

There’s intrigue, poisonings, politics and sportsmanship at play in this first book.

The expectation is that it will be out this summer. The manuscript for book one is in fact going through final proofing.

But it will not be released until book II is similarly ready.

And on that front, there is good news. Lots of development and writing has been going into book II which promises to get the readers onto the Continent, the most dangerous place on all of the planet as we find out more about the origin of the dragons and even the strange voice that afflicts some people on dragon island.


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