Dragon Update

I just dropped off a draft of Dragons of Orion — a working title– to family, who generally are my first readers. It’s the first in a series of books about the Orion Archipelago on the planet of Orion. Humans, they do eventually get around, you see. But more on that later.

For now, I can say I’m pleased with it and surprised by where the stories have gone and what characters are pushing forward. I always think it’s neat when you hit on a character that just sticks around and makes things happen.

The story is about Tom Brace, the youngest son in a family of high achievers on Dragon Island. He comes from a line of people who have won the Great Guardian Championship, a contest in which the various islands compete for the sovereignty of the archipelago. There are the cruel griffins of the Griffin Chain. The powerful and unique dolphins of the land, the Thorpins of the Thorpin Islands, the swift running unicorns of the archipelago’s largest island and of course the dragons who have claimed the sovereignty for the last 40 years. But this year doesn’t look good for the dragons.

Tom, despite being a bit clumsy does in fact make it into the contest and is paired with the oddest dragon to ever raise a head on their island. He and the dragon Four have not exactly excelled during the training at the academy and they are literally being left behind by the other dragons and riders, until someone poisons the other dragons leaving just Tom and Four to compete in the first round of this all important contest.

While Tom and Four learn to team up, powerful people are playing a very different kind of game, one that’s far more dangerous…

Look for more news in coming weeks and months!

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