Art is coming in for Dragons of Orion

Art for the cover of Dragons of Orion will be revealed this week. I’m pretty pleased with it so far and maybe you’ll like it too.

Other than that, the editing of D of O is going well and I’m excited for a summer release.

Synopsis: In the Archipelago of Orion, the Great Guardian Tournament is the single most important event every 20 years. The team of guardians that win the tournament secures the sovereignty of the archipelago for their home island.

Over on Dragon Island, the winner of the last two tournaments in a row, things don’t look so good. Tom Brace is the youngest member of a storied Dragon Island family, but he’s a bit of a disappointment. While his two older brothers, Jeff and Bert take after their father’s side of the family, Tom appears to favor his mother’s family, particularly her dad, Just Tom, a refugee from Bastim Island. Still, it’s the youngest Brace who has landed on the team for this tournament and the dragon he’s bonded to is the strangest one to ever take wing in history.

Here in the first book of the series, Tom and the Dragon Four will have to find a way to secure a victory for his island against the Unicorn Team if they are to have a chance to face the violent and deadly team of Griffons and the semi-aquatic team of Thorpins.

In the mean time, feel free to check out my other books available on Amazon.

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