The Last Disruptor Virtual Reading in April

Hi and thanks for joining me in this video reading from The Last Disruptor, a science fiction novel for middle grade readers and their adults. I chose a passage that I think illustrates a key element of the story, which is friendship.The story does rely on elements of physics, chemistry and biology as the hero,... Continue Reading →

TLD Virtual Reading Coming This Week

Get your questions in! Wonder how I got the idea for this book? Wonder about the writing, or publishing process? Want to know about my typing speed, background, or anything in particular about me? I'll be answering any questions you send or post to me as part of a virtual reading. I've debated doing this... Continue Reading →

Return to Earth

I could feel every eye in the court room on me as I took the long walk to the stand. I got in the witness box and took the oath and sat down. The prosecutor stood and gave me a sympathetic smile, though I know he’s not on my side. “So if you would, please... Continue Reading →

Official History of The Absurd

Some history for those interested in the worlds of The Last Disruptor. Chapter 1 EARTH A We will start at the beginning with the accident in the Lab in New Haven, Earth A, which generated the positive pole for the connections between worlds. It should be noted, even today, so many decades later, there is... Continue Reading →

Five for Friday March 5

The Last Disruptor -- Announced this week a giveaway of a signed copy of The Last Disruptor to anyone who follows me on this website, or any of the others -- Chalk Creek Writing Outfit & Running Club, authorrobertvarnon instagram account or Author Robert Varnon Facebook page. Then you just have to send an email... Continue Reading →

Want A Signed Copy of TLD?

If you love a good science fiction story about kids trying to save worlds against log odds, like to support local writers and businesses or heck, like to gamble on the potential of a first run book by a new author, now's your chance to go get a signed copy of The Last Disruptor in... Continue Reading →

Feb. 19 Five for Writing Round Up

A weekly round up of some of the stuff that's happened and is happening with my writing. The Last Disruptor -- The big news for this week was that The Last Disruptor: When Worlds Collide, a sci-fi title, was given space in a brick and mortar store. Comic Kingdom, 595 E Moana Ln., Reno, NV.... Continue Reading →

Adventure in Times of Pandemic

There's a tension between seemingly unrestrained freedom and guarded boundaries in being a kid that varies from generation to generation. These children of today already seemingly had more boundaries than previous generations and the Coronavirus Pandemic and it's resulting lockdown have only exacerbated the condition. And while I didn't set out originally to really explore... Continue Reading →

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