The Last Disruptor and Potential Exclusive to Amazon

After a year, my novels The Last Disruptor and Potential have ended their run on the shelves at Sundance Books on California Ave. in Reno. For now you’ll have to order the paperback or e-book from Amazon to exclusively.

Local book stores interested in carrying the books can acquire them through Amazon at a wholesale price or they can contact me through this website for information on getting paperback copies on their shelves.

I just want to thank Sundance for carrying the books for a year. I appreciate the shelf space they gave to us. Independent book stores are so important to cities and towns. They really provide an outlet for people to physically go get books they might not easily find on line, so the procurement staff at the shops are under a terrible and terrific at the same time, amount of pressure. I think they do a wonderful job at Sundance and even though you won’t find my books there currently, I encourage you to get out there and visit them. Besides, who knows my books might land there again, sometime in the future.

Anyway, if you get a chance, visit a bookstore, library or comic book store in your town or city in the next week or two. It’s always a fun trip and adventure and knowledge is just waiting for you to pluck them off the shelves. And of course, peruse the selections on Amazon, especially my books!

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