Adventure in Times of Pandemic

There's a tension between seemingly unrestrained freedom and guarded boundaries in being a kid that varies from generation to generation. These children of today already seemingly had more boundaries than previous generations and the Coronavirus Pandemic and it's resulting lockdown have only exacerbated the condition. And while I didn't set out originally to really explore... Continue Reading →

Childhood Memories Hold Tight

They finally got their break and sprinted across the road to the other side. Soon they were walking across the field towards the dense orchard. A few quail rose up out of the field, disturbed by their passage.Reaching the orchard they walked under its cool canopy, following a well worn path to the creek. They... Continue Reading →

The Last Disruptor Released

Some stories just need to be told… Branden "Crate" Barnes can't help telling stories, even when a world government tells him not to. But this fifth grade boy from a small California town might just end up saving two planets which his imagination. The Last Disruptor, R.D. Varnon's second novel, is available in paperback and... Continue Reading →

Last Disruptor Cover Art

I'm very excited to reveal the first-run cover for The Last Disruptor, the story of a boy who tells stories that can destroy or save worlds. The Last Disruptor is about a boy with the unusual nickname, Crate, who lives in a world where telling stories is forbidden because it's considered to be antithetical to... Continue Reading →

Chapter 1 of The Last Disruptor -- A new science fiction novel by RD Varnon. Crate is a boy with an unusual name and an unusual ability to tell stories that might destroy a couple planets or save them. Sneak Peak Chapter 1 Walter the Whale There was one thing extraordinarily odd about Elementary School... Continue Reading →

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