The Last Disruptor Released

Some stories just need to be told…

Branden “Crate” Barnes can’t help telling stories, even when a world government tells him not to. But this fifth grade boy from a small California town might just end up saving two planets which his imagination.

The Last Disruptor, R.D. Varnon’s second novel, is available in paperback and e-book on Buy it today or read it for free in the Kindle library.

In the Last Disruptor, Varnon gives us not just a novel dealing with multi-worlds theory, but also a story about friendship.

Crate is a disruptor, a person who tells stories that come to life on another planet. Once he is discovered, he’s taken away from his family home and his best friend and placed in a special school where he learns more about controlling his power and about the Absurd, the organization that maintains and protects the secrets of the quantum link between the worlds.

But can he trust the agents of the Absurd that what he’s doing and what they want him to do is the right thing? And what side is the severe Head of School Ms. Read on? And what’s with her dog, Alfie?

Crate will ultimately get help from Brooke Miller, his best friend and from a friend he didn’t know he had.

About R.D. Varnon: He is a writer living in Reno, NV with his wife, son and a very smart and sometimes goofy dog. His literary interest are diverse and include science fiction, fantasy, and general literature. His first novel, Potential, a general literature title, can also be found on Amazon.

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