Feb. 19 Five for Writing Round Up

A weekly round up of some of the stuff that’s happened and is happening with my writing.

The Last Disruptor — The big news for this week was that The Last Disruptor: When Worlds Collide, a sci-fi title, was given space in a brick and mortar store. Comic Kingdom, 595 E Moana Ln., Reno, NV. Thrilled with the shelf and two signed copies are on display at one of the region’s best Comic Book and board game shops. If my books have been sold, don’t feel bad. The kingdom is still worth a visit as it’s got old favorites and surprises for fans of comic artistry and people looking for RPG and other board game gear. Check it out.

Potential: A Novel — Started a discussion on Goodreads about my first novel, Potential, about who you live up to your potential for in this world. Will have some more news on this contemporary lit title in the coming weeks so stay tuned.

Under a Christmas Moon — We will be sleeping this title come spring, so if you’re interested in this Christmas story about a piano that comes to life get the digital kids book soon.

Chalk Creek Writing Outfit & Running Club — Tackled the topic of finding a solution to my aching back, which I did and the theme of redemption in a world where the permanent record exists. Yes, it appears our elementary school principals and teachers were right, we all do have a permanent record.

New Writings — Made some serious progress on my new fantasy novel and expect to reveal some early chapters for people to check out this spring.

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