My Big-Nosed Penguin

For comic strip fans, you know I’m referring to the flightless bird of Bloom County who despite being permanently grounded has an unbounded imagination.

But I’m not talking about Berkeley Breathed’s penguin, I’m talking about mine, well, my opus not my penguin. I actually don’t have a penguin. It might be cool to have one, bu then I don’t think I could properly care for one, so you know…

Anyway, my opus is at its most basic the story about existing and making sense of this world and this time and it runs over the course of my life. I just hope to get some of it out in the coming years. It is a long way away from being finished, unless I get lucky and find a ton of time to write in some marathon sessions.

There’s a lot there, from growing up in a time when we expected everyday to disappear in a mushroom cloud to suddenly having futures only to realize there’s more to life and existence than not just being blown up. And how much more have we seen in those coming years and how much things have changed and been warped and yet, how much promise future days hold.

So I am chipping away at this story and it is coming, though it will be here in its own time.

I’ll also continue to work on the stories that I want to, like my science fiction and my fantasy and a few oddball pieces in contemporary fiction.

Anyway, just a little update for you all.

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