Book Clubbing: My Latest Biz Idea

So I get these ideas, you know, money making ideas, from time to time but I never act on them.

I didn’t act on “Sleep Yourself Fit,” my idea to have people sleep longer to help them lose weight with of course linked products like, pillows, blankets and alarm clocks that can’t be set to go off for at least 12 hours.

I didn’t act on “Bouncy Desk” a joint effort with Jon Lucas to create a desk for adults based on the bouncy chair for kids.

I didn’t act on “Shovel Yourself Fit” in which people pay us to shovel driveways and parking lots to help get themselves fit. This idea was golden because not only would people pay to work out by shoveling snow, but we could also charge homeowners and commercial properties to clear snow.

And when I graduated college, I had this idea of delivering food for restaurants that don’t deliver. I actually started this business, but I lost interest and went into waiting tables then substitute teaching, but that one was pretty clever considering it was 1993.

Anyway, so here I am in 2021, in hopefully the tail end of a pandemic that’s definitely forced some changes on our socialization and I got this idea — Book Clubbing! Because certainly, as we’ve been locked up, we haven’t just been watching Netflix, we’ve also been reading, right? Is it just me? Oh, good, it’s not. Also, you really think this is the last pandemic we’re going to face in the coming years?

So what is Book Clubbing and how do you do it?

Well, think of clubbing back in the day, when people used to go out to clubs to dance and drink, but now, you’re going to read and meet up or do both. You can pick different genres or books and then find the hotspot for say, The Last Disruptor, or other new titles in Sci-Fi, or contemporary lit like Potential: A Novel. It could be byob, or we could meet in a warehouse and even have authors there to answer questions and sell their art. (Ohh! Crosover, painters etc could come and maybe even have some musicians…)

I also thought of clubbing, because you could include reviews of the books you read, you know “clubbing” like a caveman. Hopefully you would join people who share your love of a book, but if you’re a particularly negative person, you might find fellow people to enjoy your disdain of certain authors.

I also thought of doing it as Books in the Park, where book readers meet sort of like dog owners to discuss what they’re reading.

Of course, there would be an online version, that could include video meetings.

Now the trick is, how do I monetize this? Hmmm.

Now that I think about it, this would take a great deal of time away from my writing and running. So, if you read this and like this idea, feel free to take it and run with it. Let me know how it works out.

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