It’s a mystery…

Ok back in 1998, I saw the movie Saving Private Ryan and I thought, wow, that’s one of the best movies I’ve ever seen. Then they announced during the Academy Awards that a movie called Shakespeare in Love won and I couldn’t believe it.

Don’t get me wrong, I love Shakespeare. When I’m particularly down in the dumps and can barely function, I start reading the plays, one by one and they usually pull me out of my funk. Yes that means I’ve read most of the plays more than once and I won’t reveal how many times, less you get a little scared for my mental health. I’m okay.

But anyway, I was astounded that this movie won. So I watched it and after I finished it, I understood why it won for best picture. It wasn’t that Saving Private Ryan wasn’t worthy, it was that Shakespeare in Love was also worthy.

I kind of forgot where I was going with this… Oh yeah, so Geoffrey Rush’s character in Shakespeare in Love keeps telling people when everything seems like it’s going wrong and there’s no possible way to save the day, “It will all work out…” and when people raise doubts about how he could know this, he says, “I don’t know, it’s a mystery.”

That’s kind of how I feel about life and my writing these days. I look at the pandemic, the fact that I’m basically starting my real life as a writer heading into the second half of my life and all the errors I’ve made along the way… I’ve made some good decisions, too. And I think in my head, “How is it going to work out?”

Well, it’s a mystery but it will be okay.

My writing is slowly selling. I believe it will pick up eventually. I’ve got plenty of ideas and I am making progress on them. I finished chapter seven of a new novel and solved a major plot hole along the way. It’s a fantasy work that’s more adventure than anything but it’s fun to write and create.

I’m also moving ahead with some research on a modern novel that I think is rather important. There are some prequels to The Last Disruptor and at least one Arthurian saga beckoning.

Which I guess brings me to my original reason for typing this blog out, this morning. I find I like writing in what people call multiple genres. I’d say I probably should pick one and stick with it, but I enjoy the writing too much to give up the other stuff. I love the words chasing the story across the page no matter what world I’m writing in.

But I come back to the question, “How will it all work out?”

“It’s a mystery…”

Stay tuned for more announcements on new books and new projects and, of course, be on the look out for updates on my two current novels: Potential: A Novel and The Last Disruptor, both available on Amazon.

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