Feb. 12 Five for Friday Writing Roundup

So I’m just trying this as a semi-regular feature creating a sort of news briefs section with five things about my writing from the past week and week ahead. It’s reminiscent of what we used to have to do for the paper in both sports and biz.

So here goes:

The Last Disruptor — Got some love on Amazon with a five star rating at last from a reader, which joins a 4-star review on Goodreads from Jeremy D. Thanks Jeremy! TLD, the story of a boy whose stories come to life on another Earth in another dimension is however still looking for that first review from a reader. Will that be you? Hope to have some bigger news for TLD next week.

Potential: A Novel — My first book about three men whose lives are upended by an interrupted mugging and an ex-con with anger issues, has seen a few sales recently. The book continues to interest folks I think because the characters are all looking to live up to their potential during some particularly troublesome times for themselves.

New Fantasy Novel — I finished an outline and research for a new fantasy novel about kids in a competition with mystical creatures. Seven chapters are now complete.

Other Novels in Progress — Yes, I have a problem with a lot of projects in the fire. But I am working on a prequel to TLD. If you’ve read it, you know it has to be a prequel. I also have a bit of an Arthurian story for kids, I’m working on and I’m researching a general lit book on jobs and work.

Blogs — I made some progress in getting a regular routine down for blogs and social posts. I got up more of each this week than the previous week and even got a little interaction. I wrote I think a good couple of pieces on being a kid and freedom versus safety and I particularly liked a piece on Chalk Creek about a guy trying to recruit me and others to sell watches.

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