The Last Disruptor Virtual Reading in April

Hi and thanks for joining me in this video reading from The Last Disruptor, a science fiction novel for middle grade readers and their adults. I chose a passage that I think illustrates a key element of the story, which is friendship.The story does rely on elements of physics, chemistry and biology as the hero, a boy named Crate tries to figure out if how he can save two planets.

You will travel along with Crate as he leaves his little California hometown and goes to an advanced school for science and study run by a secret research facility that studies and guards a quantum tunnel that connects Crate’s planet with an Earth in a different universe. Crate will make friends at the school and eventually be joined by his best friend Brooke as they leave school and go an adventure that will take them to Utah, an island in the Pacific and to Connecticut, New York and Massachusetts of a different world. Ryan Addy, a one-time nemesis of Crate’s joins them on this adventure, proving that friendship, intelligence and creativity can count for something on two worlds.

I hope you enjoy this reading, it’s a small sample of what’s in the book!

My first reading after a lot of tries!

The Last Disruptor is available

On Amazon in both digital and paperback formats

At Comic Kingdom in Reno which currently has two signed copies available for sale

More locations are going to be announced soon!

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