The Last Disruptor Virtual Reading in April

Hi and thanks for joining me in this video reading from The Last Disruptor, a science fiction novel for middle grade readers and their adults. I chose a passage that I think illustrates a key element of the story, which is friendship.The story does rely on elements of physics, chemistry and biology as the hero,... Continue Reading →

Return to Earth

I could feel every eye in the court room on me as I took the long walk to the stand. I got in the witness box and took the oath and sat down. The prosecutor stood and gave me a sympathetic smile, though I know he’s not on my side. “So if you would, please... Continue Reading →

Official History of The Absurd

Some history for those interested in the worlds of The Last Disruptor. Chapter 1 EARTH A We will start at the beginning with the accident in the Lab in New Haven, Earth A, which generated the positive pole for the connections between worlds. It should be noted, even today, so many decades later, there is... Continue Reading →

Special Features on TLD Are Coming

If you've read The Last Disruptor then you know a thing or two about The Absurd, the secret research facility based on a mysterious Pacific Island. Well, there's a whole lot more to know about this strange island and I'm going to begin giving you pieces of the history of the Absurd during the spring,... Continue Reading →

Egg Drop

This is the first of a new feature on the website. It's an original short story for your enjoyment and it's free. Iris Dusk, that’s my name and I’m a “plist” and have been for nearly five years. For you country folk and the wealthy set, a plist is what we city folk call people... Continue Reading →

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