Five for Friday March 5

The Last Disruptor — Announced this week a giveaway of a signed copy of The Last Disruptor to anyone who follows me on this website, or any of the others — Chalk Creek Writing Outfit & Running Club, authorrobertvarnon instagram account or Author Robert Varnon Facebook page. Then you just have to send an email to Residents of the U.S. only. Sorry, it’s mostly a shipping issue folks. Contact by March 15.

ChalkCreekWritingOutfit& — A logo has been selected, rendered and is now gracing the website. Astro Rider is leading the way on our ongoing posts about writing and running. — Also got a tough looking new logo and icon and improved some of the flow adding two new items to the menu so people can follow more closely what’s happening with my books.

New Writing — There were lots of blogs this week, but I did dip back into my past to produce a little piece on workers holding multiple jobs in this economy and the implication of having nearly 5 percent of your workforce working more than one job. You can see it on this website. The story came about as part of some research I’m doing for a general lit manuscript. (I know it’s popular to use the acronym WIP, but I don’t.)

Reviews and reviews — So I decided to write the talk. I’ve been wishing and sometimes imploring people who have read my books to write reviews and rate them on Amazon, Goodreads or other spots, but I realized I wasn’t doing that myself. So I finally got around to a couple reviews on Goodreads of some books I’ve read in the last year. I especially like J. Courtney Sullivan’s work and said so. Anyway, if you’ve read any of my books, or some other writer’s, please rate them and if you have time, drop a review, too. It can be as long as you want. Even a sentence helps. How you rate it and what you say is up to you.

Stay tuned for some exciting information on the contest and more opportunities to buy and read what I’m writing.

And that’s the news this week.

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