Taking a little break

Hi and thank you for stopping by. I am taking a little break from the website and social media this week, for at least a few days. I will have more news and stories in the future. Enjoy your friends and family. Hug them tight and tell them you love them, even when it's uncomfortable.

A Digital Deal to Celebrate spring

Seems perfectly reasonable to celebrate the spring after sort of skipping it, and summer, and fall, like we did last year as this pandemic plunged right into winter mode. So I've decided to offer the digital version of Potential: A Novel for 99 cents from March 20 to March 27 for those adults looking for... Continue Reading →

Five for Friday March 19

The Last Disruptor -- Announced the winner of a signed copy of The Last Disruptor this week and the book was popped into the mail on Wednesday. This was the first time I've run a contest like this and I learned a lot for future giveaways. I do appreciate the interest people showed so thank... Continue Reading →

We Have a Winner in the TLD Giveaway!

Congratulations goes to Amy out on the East Coast who won our inaugural giveaway of The Last Disruptor, a sci-fi novel about a boy whose imagination holds the key to the future of two planets linked by a quantum tunnel. Amy will be receiving her signed copy later this week. Thank you to all who... Continue Reading →

I am now a Library Thing Author

I have joined Library Thing and am now a recognized Library Thing Author. My works, The Last Disruptor, under my R.D. Varnon byline and Potential: A Novel, under my Robert Varnon byline are both also on the book discussion and sharing site. Currently, I am recognized as R.D. Varnon on Library Thing. I encourage you... Continue Reading →

Five for Friday: March 12

The Last Disruptor -- Heading into the last days of a giveaway of the science fiction novel suitable for middle grade students and their adults. People have until March 15 to register to be eligible to win a signed copy of the story about Crate, a boy whose imagination is the key to saving or... Continue Reading →

Expanding Content Coming Soon

Under construction, is how they used to say it, but that's what's happening with my websites as I expand my writing empire. (Ok, it's not really an empire, but one can dream.) But more importantly, I'm going to start featuring some shorts from time to time here and I'm adding it to the menu so... Continue Reading →

Five for Friday March 5

The Last Disruptor -- Announced this week a giveaway of a signed copy of The Last Disruptor to anyone who follows me on this website, or any of the others -- Chalk Creek Writing Outfit & Running Club, authorrobertvarnon instagram account or Author Robert Varnon Facebook page. Then you just have to send an email... Continue Reading →

New Logo — at least for now

After some discussion with my marketing guru, it was decided I needed to change the logo and the site identifier for my website to a photo of my mug. I can't say I'm thrilled with it. I've never been really happy with photos of myself, probably some sort of disconnect between my mental picture of... Continue Reading →

Five for Friday Feb. 26 Edition

The Last Disruptor -- Got another 5-star rating from a reader with a very nice review. Two signed copies are also available exclusively at Comic Kingdom in Reno, NV. Potential: A Novel --Seems more relevant these days than when it came out as it's the story of a guy trying to get back on his... Continue Reading →

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