Five for Friday: March 12

The Last Disruptor — Heading into the last days of a giveaway of the science fiction novel suitable for middle grade students and their adults. People have until March 15 to register to be eligible to win a signed copy of the story about Crate, a boy whose imagination is the key to saving or destroying two worlds.

Potential: A Novel — We are working to find more outlets for you to buy Potential this coming spring. That goes for TLD and we hope to have an announcement on this within the next week and a half. — Unveiled a new feature this week and menu item, Shorts. You’ll be able to read short stories here by the author on a semi-regular basis and will also see from time to time, early chapters of other works. Our first story was Egg Drop, a short about how our society might some day find a practical use for time dilation, given our current economic and business trends. It features a new character for me, Iris Dusk. I hope you like her.

Chalk Creek Writing Outfit & Running Club — It was a good week at the Creek as we explored a lot of issues, from running a virtual 5k to learning to be brave in our writing. We hope you enjoyed it.

Spring Ahead — Hey, don’t forget we’re going into daylight savings this weekend, as my son says, “uggh, I hate springing ahead!” Well it’s not my favorite either, but it will mean we get some more hours of sunlight and I think this spring and summer will be better than the last. Basically, don’t be like the Starks of Winterfell, forget about winter coming, bring on spring!

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