Five for Friday March 19

The Last Disruptor — Announced the winner of a signed copy of The Last Disruptor this week and the book was popped into the mail on Wednesday. This was the first time I’ve run a contest like this and I learned a lot for future giveaways. I do appreciate the interest people showed so thank you! — On track to have our best month of views since staring the site in 2019. Egg Drop, the short story about Iris Dusk and how time dilation could be commercialized in the future, is the top post this month so far. So we’ll try to get more shorts up in coming weeks.

Chalk Creek Writing Outfit & Running Club — We discussed a lot on The Creek this week including how much slower I am than a Leprechaun, some nuts and bolts writing tips about using notebooks and outlines and formatting, finding some inspiration to run in the face of a winter that won’t let go, opening up your story to a character who pushes into it and when to push back.

Bricks and Mortar Report — Comic Kingdom, Reno, NV. is still graciously displaying two signed copies of The Last Disruptor for sale. This is an exclusive to the legendary comic shop, so if you want to buy a signed copy, get over there to East Moana. And check out the comic books and graphic novels, too.

Other Writing — Next week I will have an announcement and posts of some early chapters for a new book I am working on with my son. It’s about dragons and other mystic creatures and I think if you have kids of a certain age, grew up loving dragons and want a good story, this is for you.

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