Happy St. Patrick’s Day!

I’m going to keep this short as I have a lot of writing, parenting and running to do today and you got better things to do as well.

I’d toast with a beer or whiskey, but I’ve left those days behind. But here’s to good friends and good conversation over good coffee.

I hope you are all feeling as optimistic or more so than I am heading into spring. I do feel we are finally going to turn a corner and we are going to get things going in the right direction in our communities after this long drawn out winter.

I do feel we had to skip so much of spring, summer and fall of 2020 that it was like a long, long winter. And at last, we’re going to get to stretch our legs and enjoy our world like it’s intended, in the company of those we love.

So friends, rejoice. Spring is upon us and we shall all meet again.

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