Five for Friday 3.26

A Long Run Has to End — I took a little break on posting this week for personal reasons. But a good friend noted that we should be thankful we have work to do and can do it. Thanks Demo.

Digital Deal Days — The reduced price for digital copies of The Last Disruptor and Potential: A Novel end at midnight tonight. We hope you’ve had a chance to get your copies as we jump into spring.

Dear Diary — A new feature for Robert Varnon – R.D. Varnon ran for the first time this week. The category will provide a place to find some thoughts and topics other than my books. I’ve searched for a while now for a good place to put these kinds of writings, but was never satisfied until now. I hope you enjoy this peek into my life.

Record March — March has been good for views on Chalk Creek Writing Outfit & Running Club and Robert Varnon — R.D. Varnon with both sites seeing their highest number of views ever and we’ve still six days away from the end of the year.

New Writing — I am in the home stretch in writing the first draft of a new book that will likely be a series. Like TLD, this one is for middle grade readers or advanced elementary school readers. I hope to have it out later this year. Progress is coming on several other works and we hope to have another short up on RV — RDV before the end of March.

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