Writing Round Up for April 10

I didn’t get to a Five for Friday this week on my writing so I’m doing this instead.

Chalk Creek Writing Outfit &RC— Started a Run to Patriot’s Day in homage to the Boston Marathon that includes a giveaway of a signed copy of one of my books. I’m only 15.3 miles from the goal.

Short Stories — Finally got up another short on Robert Varnon– R.D. Varnon about planet seeding. You should check it out. If you haven’t read Egg Drop, the other short on our website read that one, too. It’s fun.

Dear Diary Feature — Has helped me get out some ideas that I’ve struggled to find a home for in the past, including pieces on Ponzi Scheme marketing and how we need to try to be a little kinder in this world.

New Writing — Sill on track to finish first write through of new fantasy story by the end of this month, with projected final draft by the end of fall, if not earlier.

Shelf space — You can buy a signed copy of my sci-fi book, The Last Disruptor at Comic Kingdom in Reno for a limited time. There’s only two available. Also, my books are being reviewed by an independent book store for display, and a decision on that is coming in mere days. Otherwise, check out Amazon to get the digital or paperback versions.

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