The Real Alfie in the Last Disruptor

“You hear the world is ending and you want to see a mutt, ridiculous…”

Of course! Who wouldn’t want to see a dog at the end of the world. Dog’s are the best.

Of course in this case, the mutt in question is Alfie and he’s a very important character in The Last Disruptor, my novel about a boy whose stories can either save or destroy two worlds connected by a quantum tunnel.

Branden “Crate” Barnes is the kid whose stories can come alive on another Earth and he has to learn to control this ability to not only avert tragedy on one of the earths but also to try to keep the two from colliding.

Alfie is the companion of Ms. Read, the stern English lady who is tasked with trying to help Crate learn to use his abilities appropriately.

I’m not sure how I got Alfie into the story. I just thought it would be nice to have a dog in it and then he became really important — which I guess happens with most dogs that you let into your life.

Anyway, while all the characters in the book are purely fictional, Alfie is the only one based on an actual living creature. The photo above is of our own dog, who is smart, goofy, loving and all the things that you love about a dog. Well, he’s also a bit stubborn, but we love him for it anyway. Besides, is it really a story if there isn’t a dog in it?

So if you like a good story about friendship, trying to stop the end of the world and a bit with a dog, check out The Last Disruptor on Amazon.

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