Five for Friday Feb. 26 Edition

The Last Disruptor — Got another 5-star rating from a reader with a very nice review. Two signed copies are also available exclusively at Comic Kingdom in Reno, NV.

Potential: A Novel –Seems more relevant these days than when it came out as it’s the story of a guy trying to get back on his feet after a series of major economic problems. Available in both digital and paperback and we are on the hunt for a Reno location to display this gritty novel with a heart.

Robert Varnon – R.D. Varnon Website — We’re going through some changes and some growth so there are some tweaks coming to the site. We’re also finally taking ads and we’ll be doing more and more to discuss our published work and projects in development going forward.

Chalk Creek Writing Outfit and Running Club — It’s official, I own the website for this beauty and we’re upgrading the site that talks writing, running and allows for some other creative outlets for stories both fictional and nonfictional. Big moves coming!

Social — Continue to make progress in telling people what’s the word and what’s a happening. I even made my first reel on Insta. Anyway, were’ groovin’

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