eMail Call for The Last Disruptor

It’s quite useful to get feedback and really uplifting when that feedback is particularly kind.

I’ve got some recently for The Last Disruptor, a science fiction novel about a boy whose stories might destroy or save two Earths connected between dimensions. It’s available on Amazon in paperback and digital formats.

“I really liked it… I appreciated the civilized discourse among the children as well as between the youths and adults. That component makes it a novel for all ages to enjoy.” — Richard T.

Thanks! I’m glad you said that. The book is meant for kids and their adults.

“Hey R.D. You should get your agent to push it (The Last Disruptor) to the networks… Really great!” — John B.

I should really get one of those, you know, agents. I’d love to see TLD on the screen, but I’m focusing on the print version right now, but thanks for the sentiment.

I’ve gotten a few more messages of encouragement since releasing the book, including a nice comparison to Roald Dahl and some love for the characters of Crate and Brooke and the other kids. In general, the pacing of the book has earned some praise.

So if you’ve read the book, what’d you like about it? Crate’s stories? The characters? Did you like Ms. Read?

Feel free to post here or send me a note at

If you haven’t bought the book, go get it today by clicking here.

Thanks for reading everyone.

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