Half as good as Water for Elephants

March 23, 2019– So the other day I was perusing Good Reads and noticed a reader had rated Potential just two stars.

Of course my ego got a little burnt, but then I noticed this same reader had ranked some well established writers with just two stars and then, I saw she had given Water for Elephants four stars.

So, instead of being depressed, I decided to look at it this way: my first novel was half as good as Water for Elephants! I’m on my way.

Actually, I wasn’t depressed at all by the rating. I was quite pleased someone had read Potential all the way through and given it a rating. I understand that my writing isn’t going to grab every reader, but I really do appreciate when someone takes a chance on my stories and reads what I’ve written.

I do also appreciate the other ratings for Potential, which were generally higher.

So, thanks for reading and I’ll keep on trying.


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