Dragons of Orion Progress

For those interested, progress is ongoing on Dragons of Orion, a fantasy series set on the planet of Orion where riders of dragons, griffins, unicorns and the dolphins of the land, thorpins, compete to give their islands sovereignty over the archipelago. We start with the dragons picking their new crop of riders and learn, all... Continue Reading →

Hatching Dragons and other creatures

Just got back the first read through of Dragons of Orion and have started on the second book of the series. Encouraging feedback -- "It was better than the last four books I read," as well as substantive suggestions. This is an initial read through from close family and friends and then after some work... Continue Reading →

Dragon Update

I just dropped off a draft of Dragons of Orion -- a working title-- to family, who generally are my first readers. It's the first in a series of books about the Orion Archipelago on the planet of Orion. Humans, they do eventually get around, you see. But more on that later. For now, I... Continue Reading →

New Cover for The Last Disruptor

I've redone the cover for the paperback of The Last Disruptor and it now better reflects the vision I had for it. New Cover for The Last Disruptor So keep those old copies, they'll be collector's items someday and do please pick up a new copy on Amazon today. Hey, summertime is coming and you... Continue Reading →

Final Art

Here it is, the final unedited art that’s planned for the Dragons of Orion. The Dragon Four and Tom Brace escape from a burning and sinking ship. Dragons of Orion. Acrylic on Canvas Please feel free to comment! Love hearing people’s thoughts. The story itself centers on the dragon Four and their rider Tom Brace... Continue Reading →

Art is coming in for Dragons of Orion

Art for the cover of Dragons of Orion will be revealed this week. I'm pretty pleased with it so far and maybe you'll like it too. Other than that, the editing of D of O is going well and I'm excited for a summer release. Synopsis: In the Archipelago of Orion, the Great Guardian Tournament... Continue Reading →

Laundry, Dishes, Writing… Being Human

What do these things have in common? Photo by Gratisography on They're all works in progress that are never quite finished. Anyway, neither am I and I just wanted to drop a note to update you on what's happening with me. I've completed a manuscript but I'm going through it after getting some suggestions... Continue Reading →

You Know When It’s Not Right

Sorry, if you think this is an empowerment piece about leaving bad relationships, it's not. It's kind of the opposite. Though it does seem to be profitable to write about such things these days. No, this is just about my relationship with art and a particular piece. So one thing I like to do, which... Continue Reading →

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