You Know When It’s Not Right

Sorry, if you think this is an empowerment piece about leaving bad relationships, it's not. It's kind of the opposite. Though it does seem to be profitable to write about such things these days. No, this is just about my relationship with art and a particular piece. So one thing I like to do, which... Continue Reading →

Signed Books Available at Sundance

Just to let you know, the local bookstore on California Ave still has a couple of signed books available for sale. I'm not sure how much longer they'll be available there, but if you need some new Fall reading material check them out. My modern lit novel, Potential is available as is my science fiction... Continue Reading →

Dragons of Orion: Chapter 5

Here is the fifth chapter of my new fantasy novel, Dragons of Orion. You will discover with Tom that leadership doesn't always fall on the head you think it should. CHAPTER FIVE LAST IN FLIGHT For a week, all anyone could talk about was Four’s victory over Borf. Tom himself was still unclear what had... Continue Reading →

Dragons of Orion: Chapters 3 and 4

Tom's dragon gets a name and we learn a little more about both of them as they prepare for the great tournament, in this preview of my fantasy novel, the Dragons of Orion. CHAPTER THREE FOUR There was silence from the other kids when Tom and his dragon emerged from the cave. Tom let the... Continue Reading →

Dragons of Orion: Chapter Two

The continued preview of my latest work, a fantasy novel about a most unique dragon and a boy with a lot to prove. CHAPTER TWO THE CHOOSING Nan Sasha glanced at Tom when he made it to the top of the steps and indicated the boy should stand at the end of the line of... Continue Reading →

Dragons of Orion: Chapter One

Here begins the story of Tom Brace an unlikely dragon rider with a lot to live up to. CHAPTER ONE OVERSLEPT “Tom! Get up! You’re going to miss it!”  Tom’s eyes snapped open. He realized it was Bert, his brother banging on his bedroom door and not a voice in his dream. He rolled over... Continue Reading →

Dragons of Orion: Prelude

I will be posting the first few chapters of my latest manuscript. Dragons of Orion, a fantasy, is the story of Tom Brace and the strangest dragon ever born on Dragon Island, the dragon Four. Tom is the youngest son in a family of famous dragon riders who have competed and won the Great Guardian... Continue Reading →

New Book and Web Changes

If you're a regular reader of this site, you'll know I've been working on a fantasy novel for the last year or so. I've posted the prelude of the work and will be adding the first few chapters in the coming days and weeks. This has also prompted a change to the website as I've... Continue Reading →


Last night, the sirens and horns of the fire engines reached into our neighborhood as I lay down trying to fall asleep. But instead of just fading away as they hurried to some accident on the highway or to help with a blaze somewhere else in the city, they just kept coming. Our dog howled... Continue Reading →

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