It’s Take Your Kid to Your Local Bookstore Week!

Okay, that’s not actually the name of this celebration, it’s really called Children’s Book Week and it starts, today, Monday May 3 and runs through May 9. The event was first introduced in 1919 to encourage kids to read more and it’s been going on ever since.

This year, Every Child A Reader, the nonprofit that leads the event, has prepared a list of books on a variety of subjects so every child can find a book that might interest them. I’ve included the one for those who are scientifically inclined.

My own work, The Last Disruptor, is for middle grade readers and can be found online or at Sundance Books and Music, 121 California Ave., Reno, NV. It’s a science fiction adventure in which a boy named crate must learn as much science as he possibly can as he tries to understand and possibly stop a collision between planets across dimensions. His imagination will be key to saving his planet and another Earth.

Crate, who is a very imaginative and smart fifth grader, tells stories that come true on another Earth that’s connected to his planet by a quantum tunnel. His best friend, Brooke Miller, a wiz in science, will help him on the way and so will the wisecracking and one-time nemesis Ryan Addy.

Along the way, Crate does tell several stories that a lot of kids really have liked, including one about a whale that devises a device to allow him to walk onto land to see what an orange is.

I wrote the book because I thought it was a really great story that people would enjoy. I did think it was important to ground what is a fantastic concept in science, because I think there is something really wondrous about science in general and we need to celebrate it. It’s been fun and funny some of the reactions I’ve received. I had one reader say, “I don’t really like science fiction, but I couldn’t put your book down because I wanted to know what happened to the kids.”

Anyway, if you or your child have an interest in science fiction and adventure, check out The Last Disruptor.

For those looking for ideas for their children or even themselves, visit Sundance Books or check out the Washoe County Library Website for information. Or go to Every Child A Reader for ideas and things to do this week.There are lots of activities, including tutorials on illustration and lots of virtual readings.

For more information on possible books for the scientifically inclined, check out this list from Every Child a Reader:


Above and Beyond: NASA’s Journey to Tomorrow. Olugbemisola Rhuday-Perkovich. ISBN. 9781250308467. Macmillan Children’s Publishing Group. 9-11

The Acadia Files Book One Summer Science. Katie Coppens. Illus. Holly Hatam. ISBN. 9780884486015. Tilbury House Publishers. 9-12

The Apollo Missions for Kids. Jerome Pohlen. ISBN. 9780912777177. Chicago Review Press. 9-up The Beekeepers. Dana Church. ISBN. 9781338565546. Scholastic. 8-12

A Beginner’s Projects in Coding. Marc Scott. Illus. Mick Marston. ISBN. 9781547602766. Bloomsbury Publishing. 8-12

Brains On! Presents…It’s Alive: From Neurons and Narwhals to the Fungus Among Us. Molly Bloom, Marc Sanchez, and Sanden Totten. Illus. Serge Seidlitz and Neil Swaab. ISBN. 9780316428293. Little, Brown Books for Young Readers. 8-12

Changing the Equation: 50+ US Black Women in Stem. Tonya Bolden. ISBN. 9781419707346. Abrams Books for Young Readers. 10-up

Superpower Book List: Science and STEMpage3image603132112 | Superpower Activity Booklist

Chemical World: Science in Our Daily Lives. Rowena Rae. ISBN. 9781459821576. Orca Book Publishers. 9-12 *Dr. Justina Ford. R. Alan Brooks. Illus. Karl Christian Krumpholz. Pop Culture Classroom. 9-up

Dr. Maggie’s Grand Tour of the Solar System. Dr. Maggie Aderin-Pocock. Illus. Chelen Écija. ISBN. 9781780555751. Kane Miller, A Division of EDC Publishing. 8-up

Fossils from Lost Worlds. Damien Laverdunt. Illus. Helene Rajcak. ISBN. 9781776573158. Gecko Press. 10-11Galileo! Galileo!. Holly Trechter and Jane Donovan. Illus. Holly Trechter and Jane Donovan.

ISBN. 9781939360083. Sky Candle Press. 9-12

Get Coding! Learn HTML, CSS, and JavaScript and Build a Website, App, and Game. Young Rewired State. Illus. Duncan Beedie. ISBN. 9780763692766. Candlewick Press. 9-12

How to Catch a Keeper. Stephanie Mulligan. Illus. Connie Rand. ISBN. 9781732302006. McSea Books. 8-12

How We Got to the Moon: The People, Technology, and Daring Feats of Science Behind Humanity’s Greatest Adventure. John Rocco. Illus. John Rocco. ISBN. 9780525647416. Random House Children’s Books. 10-up

Kid Innovators. Robin Stevenson. Illus. Allison Steinfeld. ISBN. 9781683692270. Quirk Books. 9-12

Kitchen Pantry Scientist Biology for Kids. Liz Lee Heinecke. ISBN. 9781631598326. The Quarto Group. 7-10

Lemonade Code. Jarod Pratt. Illus. Jey Odin. ISBN. 9781620108680. Oni Press. 9-12

*NASA: Anything You Can Do. R. Alan Brooks. Illus. Will Whitaker. Pop Culture Classroom. 9-up

Numbers in Motion: Sophie Kowalevski, Queen of Mathematics. Laurie Wallmark. Illus. Yevgenia Nayberg. ISBN. 9781939547637. Creston Books. 8-12

One Minute Mysteries: Short Mysteries You Solve With Math! / ¡Misterios cortos que resuelves con matemáticas!. Eric Yoder and Natalie Yoder. ISBN. 9781938492228. Science, Naturally!. 10-14

Planes. Jan van der Veken. ISBN. 9783791374413. Prestel Publishing. 8-12
Pop the Bronze Balloon. Jackie Yeager. ISBN. 9781948705561. Chicago Review Press. 9-12

Premeditated Myrtle (Myrtle Hardcastle Mystery 1). Elizabeth C. Bunce. ISBN. 9781616209186. Algonquin Young Readers. 10-18

Radioactive!. Winifred Conkling. ISBN. 9781616204150. Algonquin Young Readers. 10-14
Save the Crash-Test Dummies. Jennifer Swanson. Illus. TeMika Grooms. ISBN. 9781682630228.

Peachtree Publishing Company Inc. 8-12
Squidtoons. Garfield Kwan. Illus. Dana Song. ISBN. 9781449490249. Andrews McMeel Publishing. 7-12

Stink: Solar System Superhero. Megan McDonald. Illus. Peter H. Reynolds. ISBN. 9780763663926. Candlewick Press. 6-9

The Tantalizing Tale of Grace Minnaugh. Alice Kaltman. ISBN. 9781947548978. Fitzroy Books (imprint of Regal House Publishing). 9-12

Timeline Science and Technology: A Visual History of Our World. Peter Goes. Illus. Peter Goes. ISBN. 9781776573004. Gecko Press. 11-12

Tiny Stitches: The Life of Medical Pioneer Vivien Thomas. Gwendolyn Hooks. Illus. Colin Bootman. ISBN. 9781620141564. Lee & Low Books. 7-13

Superpower Book List: Science and STEMpage4image603547936 | Superpower Activity Booklist

The Universe. Written and Illustrated by Danielle Futselaar. ISBN. 9781605375816. Clavis Publishing. 10-14 VIP: Lewis Latimer. Denise Lewis Patrick. ISBN. 9780062889669. HarperCollins Children’s Books. 8-12

X-Venture Xplorers Volume 1: The Kingdom of Animals, Lion vs Tiger. Slaium. Illus. Black Ink Team. ISBN. 9781545805497. Papercutz Graphic Novel. 8-12


Sneaky Uses for Everyday Things. Cy Tymony. ISBN. 9780740738593. Andrews McMeel Publishing. 12-up

The Underfoot: The Mighty Deep. Emily Whitten, Ben Fisher. Illus. Michelle Nguyen. ISBN. 9781549302893. Oni Press. 13-16

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