After Three Months Crate and Friends Say Goodbye to Comic Kingdom

The Last Disruptor’s time on display at Comic Kingdom came to end this week after the iconic shop on Moana Lane allowed me to display the book for three months. I’m very grateful to Cody and the crew there for providing the space and exposure for a full-length, science fiction novel.

It was fun to have my book, which is the story of a boy named Crate, who with his friends tries to save two planets connected by a quantum bridge, there near Spiderman, Avatar The Last Airbender, Ninja Turtles and X-Men among so many more. It was also fun to come in and check on the books during this time as it gave me and my son an excuse to pick up some of our favorite titles and even find some new ones.

It was a wonderful experience all around and I hope you’ll still head over to Moana to visit the store and pick up some comic books, graphic novels, and games. Lots of Dungeons and Dragons materials there.

I can say the end of the book’s time at Comic Kingdom came just when it was accepted at Sundance Books and Music on California Avenue. And now, Sundance has signed copies available for anyone interested.

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