Coming soon: Black Eyes and Tequila

I've had some trouble writing a good blog this week, partly because I'm really invested in my current manuscript and partly because, like just about everyone else in the world, I'm pretty tired and beat down right now. I won't bore you with my complaints, at least not today. I'm not quite so desperate for... Continue Reading →

Hustled on the Side

In my previous writing life I was a reporter and one of my areas of focus was the economy and the job market. Now there are a lot of ways you can approach that subject, but since I was writing for the Connecticut Post and a couple other papers, I liked to remember that I... Continue Reading →

It’s a mystery…

Ok back in 1998, I saw the movie Saving Private Ryan and I thought, wow, that's one of the best movies I've ever seen. Then they announced during the Academy Awards that a movie called Shakespeare in Love won and I couldn't believe it. Don't get me wrong, I love Shakespeare. When I'm particularly down... Continue Reading →

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