Get Your Potential

I’ve been busy promoting The Last Disruptor, a science fiction novel for children and adults that meets at the junction of story telling, quantum physics and friendship. But I also wrote a pretty good contemporary novel called Potential that should appeal to adults who are looking to dive into a story about men trying to find out who they are and where they fit into this world after going through a mugging.

There’s Jimmy, a man who has lived his whole life hearing about how much potential he has but never living up to it. There’s Monty, a newly minted pastor who left behind his life of privilege to answer what he thinks is his true calling and there’s Walter, the guy who no one ever gives a chance. These three men are trying to sort out their lives and find their true potential in a world that’s not always kind.

Complicating their inner journeys is an envelope of money that a ex-con with anger issues is determined to get his hands on.

Anyway, if you’re not into Science Fiction, you can check out this book on Amazon as well.

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