Signed Books Available at Sundance

Just to let you know, the local bookstore on California Ave still has a couple of signed books available for sale. I’m not sure how much longer they’ll be available there, but if you need some new Fall reading material check them out. My modern lit novel, Potential is available as is my science fiction work, The Last Disruptor.

Potential is the story of three men in Reno whose lives are changed during an interrupted mugging. It’s a story about finding yourself and living up to your expectations.

Potential is definitely for adults. If you’re looking for a book anyone in the family can read, then check out The Last Disruptor, in the middle grade section at Sundance.

The Last Disruptor is the story of a nice kid with the odd nickname, “Crate,” who doesn’t just like to tell stories, but is compelled to tell them. It wouldn’t be a problem, but telling stories on his planet is forbidden because those stories come true on an Earth in another dimension. Crate and his friends will go on a multi-planet adventure to save two worlds.

So if you are in need of books heading into the Fall, scoot on over to Sundance 121 California Ave. and pick up my books.

You can also order them from Amazon in either paperback or electronic formats.

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