Limited Time to Get The Last Disruptor and Potential at Sundance

As you prepare your summer reading list, I hope you’ll include Potential: A Novel for yourself and The Last Disruptor for you and your kids, especially here in Reno, where you can visit our local treasure of a bookstore, Sundance Books and Music.

You might be thinking, “Hey, Rob. Reading? Really? School isn’t even out, can’t we just….”

“No, you can’t. You got to get your books and soon! Take the kids down to Sundance, or grave some books off of Amazon. You have to be prepared!”

Look, I know we’re all anxious to head outside and do all kinds of things we haven’t had a chance to do, like eat in restaurants, hang out in bars, go to concerts, movies and the theater etc., but let’s be honest, you’re way out of socializing shape, so all those people you’ll be seeing, they’re going to wear you out. You and your kids are going to need some way to just sit quietly without staring at a screen or other folks for anywhere from 20 minutes to an hour a day as we transition back into a full society. So get those books.

My books are available on Amazon and at Sundance.

If you’re an adult reader who likes contemporary fiction, I got a page-turner for you.

Everyone grew up with a Jimmy Raynot. He was the kid who had all the potential and seemed headed for great things, and then derailed himself and continued to do so for years. In Potential, Jimmy’s working jobs under the table with a marriage that seems to be about to fall apart and then he unwittingly breaks up a mugging and finds an envelope of cash. That envelope looks like his reward for all the years of sabotaging himself, but it turns out to belong to a church and there’s an ex-con with anger issues bent on getting that money. This story truly will test whether Jimmy can live up to his potential.

Besides Jimmy, Potential also follows the stories of Rev. Montgomery Merton III, who got mugged and poor Walter Samms, the novice mugger who botched the job and now has the ex-con after him, too.

If contemporary fiction is too close to reality for you, check out The Last Disruptor, geared for middle-grade readers and their adults, this science fiction story follows Branden “Crate” Barnes and his friends as they try and save their planet from a quantum collision with another Earth. Oh, did I mention that Crate is what is known as a disruptor, which is a kid whose stories come true on the other Earth. While it’s a story rooted in science fiction, this is really a story about friendship.

Signed copies of both these books are available at Sundance, 121 California Ave., Reno, NV for a limited time — at least until the end of June, so get down there. And don’t limit yourself to just my books, Sundance has a lot of cool books in the Levy Mansion and it’s kind of fun to explore.

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