Discover The Last Disruptor at Sundance

I love where The Last Disruptor has found a home in Sundance Books and Music. It’s in the Genre and Young Adult room on the second floor. I feel like the kids who get to visit the bookstore get an appreciation for adventure and discovery as they walk through the old Levy Mansion and peruse the books, each one a new world, with friends and challenges and adventure awaiting.

The Last Disruptor is in good company at Sundance.

To find the Genre Room is itself a mission of discovery. You walk up the stairs and to your right, there be a dragon! There’s a dragon or two in The Last Disruptor, which I know is odd for a science fiction story, but in this one, a child’s imagination can bring things into reality.

After you get past the dragon and reach the top of the stairs, you must turn to the left and enter the Used Books Room. Don’t get too distracted by these books seeming to call out to you like Sirens from the Odyssey. Though certainly, you can of course pick one of them up if you like. Just do not tarry too long here, because you are but a few steps away from the entrance to the bright and wonderful Genre and Young Adult room where you can find science fiction, fantasy, young adult and middle grade, for whom The Last Disruptor is ultimately intended. Adults like it, too. Probably a nostalgia thing, but I’m glad they enjoy it.

The Last Disruptor is the story of a boy with an unusual nickname, Crate, who lives in a world where people aren’t supposed to tell fictional stories. But Crate can’t help it. They just pop into his head and he has to get them out. That of course lands him in trouble, big trouble! He meets the strict and somewhat mysterious Ms. Read, who takes him from his school to a special academy in the hills of California where he learns his stories can actually come true on another Earth that is connected to his Earth by a quantum tunnel.

Oh, and these two Earths are heading for a collision that might wipe they both out, unless Crate can learn enough science and apply his imagination to stop that disaster.

Along the way, Crate is joined by his best and fiercest friend, Brooke Miller and Crate’s one-time nemesis, Ryan Addy.

This book is not only an adventure across dimensions and through science, but a tale about the beauty and importance of friendship no matter what world you’re on.

Signed copies are exclusively available at Sundance!

You may also order The Last Disruptor on Amazon.

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