The Last Disruptor and Potential Now in Your Local Reno Bookstore

RENO, NEV. — The Last Disruptor and Potential: A Novel are now shelved at The Original, The Radiant, Sundance Books and Music!

The books are in there! Go find them! Author R.D. Varnon stands outside Sundance Books and Music Sunday after the independent bookstore agreed to carry his novels. — Photo by N. Varnon.

This really is a dream come true for me, to see my books available on a bookstore shelf. For those that get over to the iconic, independent bookstore at 121 California Ave. you’ll be able to buy a signed copy of either of my books beginning today, Sunday, April 25.

The Last Disruptor is an imaginative science fiction novel that follows the adventures of Branden “Crate” Barnes and his friends as they try to save two worlds connected across dimensions.

Crate, a boy who can’t help but tell stories, lives on a planet where such stories are banned because they come true on an Earth in another dimension. He’s taken to a special school where he has to learn to control his ability in order to try to save both planets. On his dimensions spanning journey, he’ll travel with his best friend Brooke Miller and his one-time nemesis Ryan Addy. This is a great book for those advanced middle grade readers who have wanted to read a book that blends science and imagination. Adults will also like it.

Potential: A Novel is a contemporary literature title that tells the story of how an interrupted mugging in Reno affects the lives of three men trying to live up to their potential. Jimmy Raynot, the good samaritan who interrupts the crime, is the kind of guy who has never quite lived up to his potential and his life is slipping into chaos.

Walter Samms, a novice mugger, is a young guy who generally flies under the radar of everyone and no one but his pregnant girlfriend believes in him. After taking some advice from a career criminal he works with, he turns to crime with disastrous results.

Finally, Rev. Montgomery Merton III, the victim, comes from a wealthy East Coast family and has been assigned to lead a congregation on the decline in Reno. Monty left a good job in finance to become a minister and then, on his first day in Reno, he was assaulted and lost a large donation to his church. The event not only proves to be a test for what direction his faith will take, but also how he sees himself as a man.

An ex-con with anger issues and a desire to get his hands on the money complicates the three men’s lives as they try to come to grips with their roles in the mugging and how they wish to live their lives in the future. Will Jimmy do the right thing at long last and be the man his family needs? Will Walter become a full-time criminal? Will Monty abandon his calling or lash out from the pulpit at an unjust world?

Head down to Sundance to find my books or, if they’re already sold out, go check out the great selection of literature and music the bookstore carries. It’s got something for everyone.

Besides Sundance you can find my books on Amazon in both digital and paperback formats.

Two signed copies of The Last Disruptor can also be purchased for a limited time at Comic Kingdom, 595 E Moana Ln, Reno.

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