Exclusive: Signed copies of TLD still available at Comic Kingdom

So you didn’t win a signed copy of The Last Disruptor in our giveaway, well, you can still buy one if you’re in Reno. That’s right, for a limited and exclusive time, two signed copies can be bought at Comic Kingdom, 595 E. Moana Ln.

TLD is the story of Branden “Crate” Barnes, an imaginative 10-year-old who can’t help but tell stories, even when his world government tells him not to. Crate learns that his stories, however, hold the key to saving or destroying planets connected across dimensions by a quantum tunnel. With his best friend Brooke Miller, a dog named Alfie and former nemesis Ryan Addy, Crate and friends go on a multi-world adventure.

While it’s a fast-paced book, it will also challenge advanced, middle-grade readers who love science and adventure. Adults have also found the book enjoyable so it’s a good read for the whole family.

And that’s part of the reason, Comic Kingdom, “Pure Awesome from Floor to Ceiling,” is the first retail shop we went to to have the book displayed. It’s a place where adult collectors of comic books and kids can find things to read and enjoy. The kingdom also has a good collection of games, including RPG and the accessories.

Anyway, if you’re looking for something different to read these days, check out Comic Kingdom and pick up a comic book or two and a signed copy of my book.

Of course, you can always order The Last Disruptor in digital or paperback format from Amazon.

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