Want A Signed Copy of TLD?

If you love a good science fiction story about kids trying to save worlds against log odds, like to support local writers and businesses or heck, like to gamble on the potential of a first run book by a new author, now’s your chance to go get a signed copy of The Last Disruptor in Reno.

There are two signed copies at Comic Kingdom, 595 E Moana Ln, available for sale for what will likely be a limited time.

(I do hope to get out this spring to have a signing and reading, but you know, pandemic precautions for now.)

The Last Disruptor is the story of Crate, a boy who tells stories that come alive on an Earth in another dimension. Crate and his friend Brooke will be joined by a one-time enemy on the adventure of a lifetime to try and save two worlds, The story takes place on two Earths and starts in a little California town and private school, before seeing Crate and his friends join the severe head of school Ms. Read on a journey to another world that includes stops in New York’s famous Grand Central Terminal and Coney Island.

Through it all, Crate and friends are being hunted by The Absurd, a secret research organization who has a disruptor of their own, named Talleen.

Come check out the book and see if you’ll love these kids like earlier readers.

As Jeremy, said, “Thoroughly entertaining…”

And, if you get to Comic Kingdom and the TLD is already sold out, browse the awesome selection of comic books, graphic novels and games at this unique and wonderful spot in Reno. If you haven’t seen comics in a while, you’ll be amazed. If you’re a collector and an avid fan of comics, well, then you already know about the Kingdom.

And for those that can’t make it down to the store, you can pick up The Last Disruptor in paperback or digital format on Amazon.

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