Crate Barnes Hangs out with Peter Parker

The Last Disruptor in Comic Kingdom Tuesday afternoon.

This is a big deal for me. My book, The Last Disruptor got a little space at Comic Kingdom on Moana thanks to Cody, whom, if you’re a comic book or board game player, in the Reno area, you will know.

It’s not a permanent arrangement and as Cody noted, it’s not the kind of thing they usually stock at the store on Moana Lane.

“But I like to support locals,” he told me. Before letting me drop off two signed copies for sale at the store, he took a quick look at the book over the weekend. That’s standard for most places and it made me feel pretty good he approved of displaying it.

So now, Branden “Crate” Barnes, the hero of The Last Disruptor, gets a shelf near those boasting the stories of Peter Parker, aka Spiderman and a thousand other heroes. This is significant for me. It’s my first attempt at putting the book in a store and I decided to approach Comic Kingdom after a trip there with my son. We were actually just there shopping for comics and for me to make good on a promise I made prior to the pandemic.

See, my son loves graphic novels and he’ll read those over just about anything else and after he polished off a couple of them, I agreed to take him to Comic Kingdom to peruse the shelves there. To be honest, we were both excited about it and then, the pandemic derailed that trip before we could get there. But we finally ventured out late in January to visit and Comic Kingdom did not disappoint.

I gotta say, comic book stores are way better than when I was kid. The presentation and the variety are fantastic. It’s like being dropped into a gateway to multiple worlds. Just brilliant and both my son and I had a great time. It was while we were there I thought to ask about displaying a couple of books.

While not a comic book or graphic novel, The Last Disruptor does fit into the literary traditions underpinning many comic books. The story is about Crate, a boy who can’t help but tell stories in a world where stories are banned. Crate finds out why the stories are banned when he’s taken to a special school. It turns out when particular people, called disruptors, tell stories on their Earth, the stories can come alive on an Earth in another dimension. The two Earths have been connected for years by a quantum tunnel and are now going to collide in an inter dimensional catastrophe unless Crate can figure out how to stop it.

There’s even a bit with a dog. Anyway, Crate is helped by some good friends along the way and you’ll have to read the story to find out if he saves the worlds.

I just thought it would be nice for my book to be among so many great stories of imagination. And like I said, there’s just two of them there, so they won’t last long!

Anyway, if you’re in the neighborhood stop by Comic Kingdom. If my books are already sold, it’ll be okay. There’s lots of great things to pick up in the store.

For those that can’t make it out to Reno or Comic Kingdom, head over to Amazon to buy The Last Disruptor in digital or paperback formats.

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